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Doctor Visits

$ 348 Per Visit
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  • Pariatur eum natus

Labs, X-Rays

$ 476 Per Month
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  • Beatae vitae quisquam
  • Minim ex or ex minima

Urgent Care

$ 520 Per Case
  • Nequeporro in mollit
  • Rem ipsa illo eaque
  • Beatae ut and dolore

All Physicians

$ 715 Per Year
  • Dolore ab but eu
  • Fugit explicabo pariatur
  • Voluptatem numquam

Patients and their family member can enjoy privileges for becoming a member of our health
club with a reasonable fee.

“Dentalika works extremely fast, it’s a perfect choice for me. Molestiae pariatur and labore or eos for amet, occaecat aspernatur. ”

Angelina Harrison

Happy Client